Car Safety Wars One Hundred Years of Technology- Politics- and Death – Michael R. Lemov

Car Safety Wars is a concise history of the hundred-year struggle for safer cars and highways, involving at least six presidents, reluctant congresses, a fiercely resisting automobile industry, unsung heroes, and GM detectives.

Author: Lemov, Michael…

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Liked on YouTube: Twitter Lead Generation Card: Full Setup Tutorial

Twitter Lead Generation Card: Full Setup Tutorial
This Tutorial will teach you exactly how to setup a Twitter Lead Generation Card.

Twitter Lead Generation Cards allow you to create an interactive Tweet which automatically captures Twitter users email, name and Twitter handle when they hit your custom call to action (download/sign up/subscribe etc).

See a live example:

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Chess Opening Essentials 1.c4 / 1.Nf3 / Other First Moves – – Stefan Djuric

Chess Opening Essentials is an accessible primer and a reference book at the same time. It gives a flavour of how every opening works and explains the similarities with other openings as well as the differences. In addition, it also points at the vari…

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