This Tattoo Artist Has Found a VERY Specific Niche

Takeaways from This Niche Market Example

Chinese tattoo artist Shi Hailei has found a very specific niche for his business. He offers free tattoos to moms who want to cover up scars from C-sections.

Inspired by a Brazilian tattoo artist who offered free tattoos to cover up scars from domestic violence and abuse, Hailei wanted to use his talents to give back in some way. And since China has the highest rate of C-sections per birth in the world, he thought it would be fitting to offer tattoos to help those moms regain some of their self-esteem instead of turning to creams or other products to reduce the appearance of those scars.

Since the tattoos are free, it’s not like the offering itself is bringing in a ton of extra revenue for Hailei’s business. But if the women have a positive experience, they could be likely to return for other tattoos or even refer friends. And the positive attention he’s gotten for this initiative can’t hurt either.

Takeaways from This Niche Market Example

This story demonstrates a couple of important points for small businesses. First, Hailei found a niche that’s extremely relevant to his target audience. And secondly, his desire to give back and help people, even in a seemingly small way, is something that any business can potentially replicate and learn from.

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