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lt;p gt;There are times and circumstances that generate a pain so deep that even the most seasoned believer can feel separated from God mdash;a pit so consuming and dark that the thought of finding Him again, and feeling His touch, seems impossible. lt;/p gt; lt;p gt;I know that place hellip; the forsaken zone. The place where time stands still and the plan for our lives seems muffled and nearly wiped out. In that despair, God gave me His address, so I would be able to come to the place where He lives and open the door to His heart hellip; and my future. lt;/p gt; lt;p gt; lt;i gt; ldquo;A genuinely engaging and uplifting book full of hard-won insight. Enjoy! rdquo; lt;/i gt; lt;/p gt; lt;p gt;Pastor Glen R. Pitts lt;/p gt; lt;p gt;Former National Director, Canadian Bible Society lt;/p gt; lt;p gt;Director, Cities of the World/Campus Crusade for Christ lt;/p gt; lt;p gt;and Vice-President of the Tyndale Foundation lt;/p gt; Author: Moran, M.A.K. Publisher: Word Alive Press Illustration: N Language: ENG Title: God Lives in Detroit : (and Vacations in Other Places) Pages: 00000 (Encrypted PDF) On Sale: 2016-05-02 SKU-13/ISBN: 9781486612451 Category: Religion : Christian Life - Death, Grief, Bereavement